Public Entry


Protecting Soldiers Rights and the Linden Gun Range take safety very seriously. We will always do our best to ensure the safety of our employees, members, their guests, the public, trainers, their students, and competitors alike. With the influx of new firearm owners, we have seen an increase in safety violations. Our top priority to ensure every new patron to our facility has had some experience with a firearm and/or an outdoor shooting range; which is why we have developed a 2-Hour Basic Firearms Safety and Range Etiquette course. As a public patron or member, we can ensure that each patron has had the proper safety training prior to accessing the firing line, ultimately ensuring the safety of the Range Safety Officers, the facility itself, and its surrounding community. 

In that same respect, we have been working with our Range Safety Officers in order to be prepared for when we reopen to the public. We wish to thank you for your patience and understanding while we make the proper adjustments in order to keep up with the changes of demographic wishing to access the facility.


Upon the completion of the PSR/LGR Questionaire, you will be either granted access and approved for range use or you will be required to take an 8 Hour Basic Firearms course (with an approved trainer) and required to provide a certificate of completion by the instructor and/or certified training group. 

Your first step in the process is to complete our PSR/LGR questionnaire. Once reviewed, we will reach out to you with your second step to gain access to the Linden Gun Range as a public patron. For those who have frequently utilized the LGR facility in the past, we will grant you access to make reservations for LGR immediately following a review of your PSR/LGR questionnaire. 


All entries are tax-deductible to the Non-Profit Protecting Soldiers Rights



YOUTH ENTRY (Under 18): $14 EACH

Waiver must be signed by a parent/legal guardian​

NON-SHOOTER: $5 PER PERSON (Receive a $5 coupon to shoot at our Range).​​



Paper targets available at the range office starting at $0.25 and up. Our target stands consist of a wood stand and plastic or cardboard backing. We have a variety of self-adhesive targets, as well as tape available for purchase in the front office.




Shooting Rests w/ sandbag        $5 daily + ($10 deposit)

Spotting Scopes (45x)                $10 daily + ($40 deposit)

Ear Muffs                                     $5 daily + ($10 deposit)

Sand Bags                                  $1 each daily ($10 deposit)



Eye Protection (clear)              $3

Ear Plug Inserts                       $1

Chamber Flags                        $2 (mandatory)