Protecting Soldiers Rights (Non-Profit) Membership Process to access the Linden Gun Range:

Protecting Soldiers Rights and the Linden Gun Range take safety very seriously. We will always do our best to ensure the safety of our employees, members, their guests, the public, trainers, their students, and competitors alike.

Our goal is to make membership more than just an opportunity to shoot holes in paper targets. We understand ammunition has become difficult to obtain. Therefore, we anticipate bringing in different opportunities to utilize the LGR facility through programs that will allow you to practice your disciplines and enjoy the social aspects by being surrounded by like-minded people, some of which are highlighted below under the Future of The Linden Gun Range. 


In closing, we invite you to join us in helping support the Linden Gun Range and help keep its doors open to its community for years to come.



PSR is a 501C3 Non-profit. All membership donations go into the Range Recovery Program.



Membership Perks

  • Unlimited $0 Public Range Access without reservations: 

    • Thursday - Sunday: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

  • Free rentals of sandbags, bench rest, and spotting scopes

  • Automatic Membership Into The Linden Competitive Shooting Club With Generous Discounts to all LCSC Competitions

  • Unlimited $0 entry fee to our private Practice Bays

  • Free Add-on Membership for your Youth 

  • Discounts on Certified Firearms Training Courses, LGR Student Range Fees, and/or Course Fees (with participating training Groups only.)

  • 1 Free Zeroing Target per Visit

  • 5% off LGR Pro Shop 

  • Free Spectator Entry

  • Members ID Card

  • Special Members Only Offers

  • MEMBERS GUEST ALLOWANCE: 3 guests per visit max (including youth). Member must accompany guest(s)

  • Access to new programs that include non-ammunition related activities

ADDITIONAL VOLUNTEER MEMBERS BENEFITS: (approved and authorized access required)

  • Access to Solo Practice Bay Rentals

  • Extended Range Hours 

  • Incentives as listed under the PSR Volunteering Members page

  • More information on how to earn a FREE ANNUAL PSR Membership through our STAR VOLUNTEER PROGRAM


Invest in the future of your LGR Shooting facility by becoming a PSR Member. We are so excited to bring you the best experience when visiting your favorite range. We want this to be a sporting destination, not just a place to shoot. Plans include (in no specific order):

  • A new 200-yard range will increase practice bay availability and expansion of training and competition programs.

  • Open an on-site deli with a comfortable patio dining set with a stage for live bands and ceremonies.

  • Archery and blade sports

  • Reservation services for picnic areas and family outings

  • The addition of non-invasive range baffles to secure the future of our range by protecting our surrounding community.

  • Expanded Pro Shop to include reloading equipment, competition gear, part upgrades, larger line of ammunition, and much more.

  • Electronic gate for Off-Public Members-only hours

  • Improve ADA access

  • Offer the very best in gun rentals

  • On-site armory

  • Additional ranges

  • Improved classrooms and a third, larger classroom to increase course listings

  • Improved and upgrade competition and firearm training range with quality training equipment.

  • Permanent firing line overhangs with fans and misters

  • New 7.5-yard public pistol range

  • Fitness programs and dryfire stations

  • And rebuild our on-site large outdoor swimming pool with added lap swimming and rehabilitation programs



We are in our final stages of implementing a new membership platform called MemberPlanet. This new program will offer a seamless user face, providing a more engaging member experience. Your profile will help you stay up to date on all PSR’s activities, events, and donation campaigns. You will stay informed on your membership status, renewals, and communications. We are especially excited about the discussion boards, where members can work together and collaborate on projects such as the new 200-yard range, armory, and front security gate.


Here are a few other tools and features we will be utilizing through MemberPlanet:

  • Events

  • Donation Sites

  • Document Storage – to upload your credentials and certifications.

  • Surveys

  • Photos

  • Discussion Board

  • Membership Communication & Emails 


Additionally, we will be implementing new programs and PSR Members Events. We will be requesting assistance from our volunteers for these programs. Here are a few:

  • Monthly Meet-N-Greet

  • Monthly Orientation

  • Monthly scheduled Work-Party

  • Instructors for the New to Range Course & Safety Verification Program (at minimum bi-monthly)

  • Monthly LGR Tour and PSR Introduction



***ADULT ADD-ONS:  All adults added to membership must have an ID stating they live at the same residence as the primary membership holder. Adults are 18+ years of age.​

***MEMBERS GUESTS: All PSR Members will be allowed to bring guests ($20 adult, $14 youth) to the range with them without making a prior reservation. As a member, you are responsible for your guest and their safety while at the LGR facility.

***YOUTH:  Unlimited Public Range Access with a parent or legal guardian. Must be added to your membership. Youth shoots FREE until the day of their 18th birthday, and as long as your LGR/PSR membership stays active.


***RIGHT TO REFUSE: LGR/PSR reserves the right to refuse/deny members applications and/or revoke memberships for misuse of facility and/or violation of the LGR/PSR Rules and Regulations, LGR/PSR Code of Ethics, LGR/PSR Code of Conduct, and are responsible for their guests to the same extent that does not adhere to those items stated in the PSR Members Rules & Regulations.  


***ACCESSIBILITY:  In compliance with the requirements of Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 ('ADA'), the Linden Gun Range will not discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities based on disability in its programs, services, or activities. The Linden Gun Range will make reasonable modifications to policies and programs to ensure that people with disabilities have an equal opportunity to enjoy our programs, services, facilities, and activities. If you need assistance with an ADA request, please contact our ADA Coordinator.


  • Membership is non-transferable.  

  • Initiation Fees are Non-refundable.   

  • The First 3 months' membership fees are NOT Refundable. 

  • Refunds are ONLY available with Paid in Full memberships:      

  • Residency Relocation:  Must move further than 150 miles from the LGR/PSR facility and will require proof of address change and date of required relocation. 

  • After verification is received, we will issue a $20 per month refund for the remaining membership agreement terms minus a 10% processing fee. 

  • Cancellations of Memberships:     

    • If you choose not to continue with monthly payments or must relocate residency, you will forfeit your membership and any LGR/PSR Membership program points and incentive program dollars accrued. You may be eligible to become a member again in the future. First, however, you must repay the initiation fee & start the process over again. All other cancellation requests will be evaluated and decided at the discretion of the LGR/PSR management.​​


LGR/PSR reserves the right to change the Public Hours of Operation and Membership Requirements at any time without prior notifications. 



  • Must be Qualified to shoot at the 200-yard range.

  • Spectators must sign a liability waiver and are not allowed on the firing line. 

  • Membership discounts will not combine with any promotional sales from the Pro Shop and/or Firearm Rental.