PSR Non-Working Membership

Annual Rates

Payment made in full by either cash or check in our LGR Pro Shop will not incur a convenience fee.


ONLINE annual membership fees will have an additional convenience fee.

One time Initiation Fee* 

LGR Individual: $300, *$150 Initiation Fee

LGR Family 2: $420, *$175 Initiation Fee

LGR Family 3: $540, *$200 Initiation Fee

LGR Family 4: $660, *$225 Initiation Fee


$25 Membership fee discount offered to:

Military, First Responder, Veteran, Senior (65+),

*Discount applies to primary Membership holder only for annual payments only.


Monthly payments through a payment processor.

Monthly membership fees below include an additional convenience fee.

One time Initiation Fee

LGR Individual: $29.99 per/mo, $150 Initiation Fee

LGR Family 2: $40.99 per/mo., $175 Initiation Fee

LGR Family 3: $51.99 per/mo., $200 Initiation Fee

LGR Family 4: $62.99 per/mo., $225 Initiation Fee

*Any applicable discount applies to primary Membership holder only.

Each additional adult member/initiation fee is $25.

How to sign up for a Non-working psr membership:

Step 1: Read the "Specification listed at the bottom of this page.


Step 2: Fill out and submit our PSR/LGR Membership Application.

Step 3: Once you have been approved, we will send you a "Membership Acceptance" email.

Step 4: Just follow the directions in the Membership Acceptance email. Don't worry! We will make sure we walk you through everything to make it as easy as possible. We can also handle all membership services in our front office to help you get started. We are dedicated to making you feel comfortable and excited about being a part of the Linden Gun Range family.​

Step 5: Come out and enjoy your $0 Public Range entry immediately. Get approved to use our Practice Bays at no charge. Enjoy great discounts on LCSC match fees.



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